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In Spiagames we are first of all enthusiasts. Twenty years ago we were the first to believe in a world that was coming to life: the Outdoor world and all of those values that represent it. Our work is deeply bonded to our values. It’s through what we do that we show our passions and our skills. From 1999 to today we have organized numerous events both nationwide and worldwide, always distinguished for their originality and their authentic bond with the natural environments. Our Agency is focused on planning, realization, management and communication of Below The Line activities, but not only.


The Outdoor world as a tool of communication, values and culture. To create a planning and strategic process with the client, sharing goals and dynamics. Spiagames is highly qualified, able to implement a distinctive, authentic and credible communication.

Spia Srl

Via Borgo Palazzo, 272

24125 Bergamo - Italia

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