Project: 3, 2, 1…Everybody’s Welcome! Party

Client: Campari Group - Aperol Spritz

Description: the Alleghe (BL) project was based on Aperol Spritz’s “3,2,1…Everybody’s Welcome!” claim.

A village on the ski slopes of Piani di Pezzè, consisting of ten small snow igloos built around a huge 27m diameter geodesic dome (main stage), was the stage for the Rumatera’s concert, an Italian punk rock group.

The fans, once registered, could access before, during and after the concert, all the Aperol Spritz stations in the Pezzè area: the Aperol Spritz snowcat and amphibious car where the aperitifs were served from, the warm Jacuzzi and the social activities.

The invited journalists lived the experience of sleeping in the snow igloos and enjoyed a Jacuzzi whirlpool under the stars in Col dei Baldi at 2000m.